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The guarantee of healthy products in any season of the year!

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Over 26 years of experience

ROM FUNGHI was established in 1994 in Arad, Romania and is part of an international group, having the headquarters in Italy (CF Commerciale FUNGOROBICA), store in Bulgaria and a tight collaboration in POLAND, operating on the European market and exporting over 70% of its production.

ROM FUNGHI has today a collective of 50 persons working full time and approximately 150 seasonal workers (during May-November).

ROM FUNGHI / AROMA PĂDURII is synonymous with specialization in ◉collecting ◉sorting ◉processing and ◉distributing mushrooms from wild flora and certified quality cultivated mushrooms.

ROM FUNGHI / AROMA PĂDURII brand offers the guarantee of healthy products in each season of the year!

High production capacity

ROM FUNGHI has, as main structure, approximately 26.000 sqm, in POCOLA (Bihor); moreover, it is present with other 7 storages distributed all around Romania, in order to properly cover 29 out of 41 counties.
Approximately 800 collection centres are working for our storages, which, during the season (between May and November), on daily basis, are used to find products.

ROM-FUNGHI provides:

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