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ROM-FUNGHI is specialized in collecting and selling various types of forest mushrooms, which we trade in different ways: fresh, frozen and dehydrated. Moreover, we also sell fresh and frozen blueberries.

Besides the high quality products, our clients also benefit from transport, which is performed with vehicles from our own car lot. All vehicles are provided with refrigeration systems, in order to maintain unchanged the freshness and quality of products.

In order to maintain also in Romania the taste, flavour and tradition of mushroom consumption, we responded to our clients with our own brand, AROMA PĂDURII, a brand that is already known on the internal market of more than 10 years. Therefore, we wish to offer our consumers 100% natural mushrooms, without additives and other chemical traces.

As additional service, ROM-FUNGHI can offer our clients personalized packing services. The products can be packed according to your brand.

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Rom Funghi collects, processes and distributes a high variety of mushrooms from the wild flora and certified quality cultivated mushrooms.

Afine Romania


Directly from the heart of the nature, we collect the blueberries, which we afterwards sort, process and distribute to our clients.

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Aroma Pădurii

For more than 10 years, we offer our local consumers 100% natural mushrooms, without additives and other chemical traces.

Ambalare personalizata ciuperci

Logistics and packing

Besides the transportation of the products by means of our refrigerating vehicles, we offer our clients also personalized packing services.