Production, logistics and personalized packing

Production is clearly defined from ◉collection ◉selection ◉processing up to ◉packing and ◉selling products in order to comply with the strictest requirements of our clients.

Our mushrooms are harvested from the mountain areas in Romania and immediately processed in the best conditions, in order to maintain unchanged all organoleptic features.

We collaborate with hundreds of harvesters around the country, with various purchasers harvesting directly from in the field and from the purchasing points and with various specialized companies.

Our drying and freezing facilities are state-of-the art and comply with the requirements of a demanding European market as the Italian and German ones.

Ambalare personalizata ciuperci

As additional benefit, we can offer our clients also transportation in the most optimal conditions. The mushrooms’ transportation is made with own freezing vehicles, our car lot consisting of:

All vehicles are provided with refrigeration systems, in order to maintain unchanged the freshness and quality of products.
Moreover, we offer personalized packing services to our clients. We provide packing for frozen, dry or fresh mushrooms and blueberries, in accordance with our client’s brand.

Your brand can be here!