Types of sold mushrooms

ROM-FUNGHI is a company specialized in wholesale of various types of fresh, frozen and dehydrated forest mushrooms.

Our mushrooms are harvested from the mountain areas of Romania and they are immediately processed in the best conditions, in order to maintain unchanged all organoleptic features.

Production is clearly defined from ◉collection ◉selection ◉processing up to ◉packing and ◉sell of products in order to comply with the strictest requirements of our clients.

Fresh mushrooms
Frozen mushrooms
Dehydrated mushrooms

The cep is one of the most appreciated and known mushroom throughout the world.
It is among the most harvested mushrooms in the forests of Romania. Ceps have an exceptional flavour, are very rich in vitamins and protein, low in calories and easy to cook, which means they have been eaten for centuries.

Chanterelle are, without any doubt, one of the most wanted and appreciated forest mushrooms. Chanterelle have a refined taste and a firm, compact flesh. In a salad, in an omelette, as side dish for pasta, white meat or fish, their refinement will seduce you.

Caesar’s mushroom is considered to be the queen of mushrooms. This mushroom is an excellent comestible and was considered the favourite mushroom of Roman emperors, which also named it. It is enough to fry it with a little salt, no additional spices are necessary because of this mushroom’s exceptional taste.

Morels are spring mushrooms, with legs and empty hats.
Morels are excellent edible mushrooms, provided they are properly cooked!!! They are indeed toxic if raw since they contain haemolytic!!!
Having a special culinary quality, morels have a consistency that is both thin, firm, a little elastic and a very particular perfume, which can stand out even more in any cream-based dish.
Verpa bohemica is part of Morchella family. This spring mushroom is different from morchella deliciosa considering its hat attached to the leg and its light flavour. It is important to be properly cooked!!!

It is a tasty edible mushroom and one of the first mushrooms, which can be harvested after winter season. It is tasty if fried with a sauce, where it will replace champignons; it particularly goes well with fish or mussels.

Horn of plenty tastes like cacao, with butter flavours and a fine texture.
If at first the colour frightens you, after using it once, it will convince you to use it in the kitchen.
This mushroom is perfect in creamy sauces, omelette with cheese. It is delicious in soups and with grilled vegetables.

Scotch bonnet is a small mushroom, which has the particularity to grow in very distinct circles, in wet meadows, grasslands, edges of paths. It is a high quality mushroom.